April 23, 2014

Got auction items for May 17th??

We are looking for items to put up for bids that match the following criteria:

1. Fun/old/stylish/interesting
2. Something that you own, and that you want to sell

If you have something that matches those criteria, send a mail to info(at)motorious.dk and we will sort it out. There is a limited number of lot numbers to fill, so we will pick a chose a bit to have the most interesting auction possible.

The catalogue will be viewable on Facebook and on www.motorious.dk, updated ongoing as we get things signed in.

On another note, here's a great picture of HP, the snappiest dresser in town:

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

March 2, 2014

Motorious Carburetor Conference May 17. 2014

We have been very excited to reveal out third lino cut poster - and now it is finally here.

It is an interesting collaboration between Jens-A (who made our Grand Opening poster) and Miss Lotion (who made the DIcE Issue 50 Release Part poster).
So things are coming together in higher unity for this one.

The poster describes our party concept pretty well: auction, beer, food, music, sunshine and motorcycles.
All this in and around our shop in Copenhagen. So please do yourself and us (and everyone else) a favour and rip May 17. Out of your calendar and replace it with an appropriate sized print of this poster that we are really proud of.

We are looking forward to party with you.

As usual, you can arrange for bike parking if you come from far away, and we will be helpful with a lot of stuff, if you write us an email on info@motorious,dk

February 27, 2014

Spring is here soon

So you are probably just sweeping your parts together, getting your ugly ol' rig back on the road, after having torn it all apart this winter.

Here is a video that our good friend Thomas Krause made from last years Motorious Ride Out to Castle Run

Enjoy the video here: https://vimeo.com/87484891

February 23, 2014

Want to buy or sell a motorcycle?

We get a lot of requests from people looking for older motorcycles, so if you are selling your motorcycle, feel free to post it on the Motorious Facebook page, or send us the specs at info@motorious.dk so we know what's out there.

Think of internet dating, just with motorcycles.

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

February 12, 2014

Pinstriping by Jesper Bram at Motorious, April 5th

Our good friend and paint-sniffer, Jesper Bram, is going to drop by the shop on April 5th - starting at 9am - to make doodles, stripes, illustrations on your helmets, tanks and whatever you might bring - he'll even write the dialogue from The Exorcist on your goldfish, a true professional.

It's a first come first serve, so shop up early and hang out at the shop.

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing